Amon Woulfe

Amon WoulfeAmon Woulfe is a Coach and Trainer specialising in high performance, mind training and masculine coaching.


Amon provides supportive, focussed mind training and mindfulness approaches to address anxiety and facilitate stress management, as well as create a positive, in-control experience in high performance environments.

Amon provides facilitation and mediation for conflict management and resolution, targetting a positive team culture and long-term working relationship solutions.

Qualifications and Training

Amon is trained in a range of coaching, assessment and training approaches, including Vertical Mindset Assessment and Coaching, Power Stage Assessment and Coaching, and more. He integrates these coaching approaches with extensive experience in the leadership field, and through a long-time involvement with the national masculinity and men’s work community.

Free initial consultation

Book your free 15-minute initial consultation, to talk with Amon about your current directions and goals, and how to facilitate a strong forward movement in your life and wellbeing. Initial consultations can be done in person in Bulimba, or over the phone.

The initial consultation gives you dedicated time to:

  • Discuss your individual situation and needs;
  • Clarify what you’re seeking from the coaching approach;
  • Discuss any questions or concerns you have;
  • Plan the best approach to supporting your goals;
  • Understand what to expect from the process of working together.


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