Rebecca Wheeler

Rebecca WheelerRebecca Wheeler is an Energy Medicine Practitioner and Feminine Awakening Coach with 8+ years experience.

She is passionate about supporting powerful and lasting change using a holistic approach of mind/body medicine. Her sessions often include bodywork as well as techniques for releasing stagnant energy and accessing deep insight.

Rebecca is based in the Gold Coast Hinterland and will be offering sessions in Brisbane until July 2017.


Rebecca draws on a range of Energetic Healing techniques in her work, integrated with physical bodywork as needed to support the deep release of stagnant energy and with it emotional and cognitive blocks.

Rebecca also works through Feminine Awakening Coaching, supporting women to reconnect with their deeper intuitive nature and natural feminine selves. This work covers a range of areas, including relationships, life purpose and calling, emotional and creative expression, and relationship to the physical body.


Rebecca integrates a number of therapies in her holistic approach to deep mind-body wellness and personal development. She brings her full presence and passion for the field into her work with each individual, and holds strong professional values of integrity, compassion, empowerment, sensitivity and trust.

Free initial consultation

Book your free 15-minute initial consultation, to talk with Rebecca about your personal life stage and goals, and how to work together to forward your life purpose and calling.

The initial consultation gives you dedicated time to:

  • Discuss your individual situation and needs;
  • Clarify what you’re seeking from the therapeutic approach;
  • Discuss any questions or concerns you have;
  • Plan the best approach to supporting your needs and goals;
  • Understand what to expect from the process of working together.


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