The Soul Space

The Soul SpaceThe Soul Space is a holistic therapies practice drawing on a range of disciplines to support emotional, psychological and physical health and wellbeing.

The Soul Space was founded in 2011 by therapist Elle Reynolds, blending mind-body, cognitive and energetic therapies to promote long-term health, personal growth and  life fulfillment.

The Soul Space’s Vision

The Soul Space supports and uplifts, integrating the emerging fields of energy medicine and holistic therapies with traditional counselling and dialogue therapies to provide a practical, accessible holistic health service.

The goals of The Soul Space facilitate the strongest healing and growth of each unique individual:

  • To teach the principles of mind-body health and empower the community in their health journey;
  • To facilitate personal insight & empowerment;
  • To support individuals’ personal spirituality in a grounded & meaningful way;
  • To support each person to find purpose & meaning in life;
  • To encourage resilience & choice in handling the pressures and stress of contemporary life;
  • To support the community in their continual personal development and growth through life;
  • To support knowledge and use of the body’s energy systems, in a practical, grounded and integrative way;
  • To integrate effectively with the exceptional range of traditional & complementary health services available to the community.

The Soul Space follows the principles of humanistic and transpersonal psychology, valuing each individual’s inner wisdom, personal spirituality, and unique direction in life.

Therapies at The Soul Space

The Soul Space integrates a range of holistic disciplines in a unique blend of mind-body health and cognitive development, including:

Appointments can focus on one individual therapy or draw from a combination, depending on specific needs at each session and the best approach to fulfilling growth goals. Telephone or Skype sessions are also available, if travel to the centre is not possible or if this option is preferable.

Bulimba healing centre

The Soul Space is based in beautiful Bulimba, in the tranquil health and wellness space with Inna Bliss Yoga.

View more of the beautiful Bulimba healing centre, or get in touch for bookings.

The Soul Space Bulimba Healing Centre