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Your place in groups: a vibrant base chakra

The base chakra holds some of our oldest & most primal energy, & it doesn’t get more primal than tribe, which is another way of looking at family.

Tribal energy

Our tribal energy is that which grounds us into our species, humanity, and all other groups – our first tribe, family, our community, our nation, our sporting team, our friendship groups, you name it.

It’s the first energy that is activated and explored after we’re born – a baby spends her first months learning how to process energy through this centre and exploring the physical world, within the security of her family tribe. Continue Reading →

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Empowered Woman

The Two Stages of Life Change

There are so many life changes we get called on to make, to take us to a healthier, more vibrant and enjoyable life for ourselves and our loved ones. This is our developmental path in life – the learning and growth that unfolds in front of us.

So what’s the smoothest and most empowered way we can take charge of this growth journey, so it becomes more easeful and fulfilling?

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Finding A Good Therapist - The Soul Space

Finding a good therapist

It’s important to have good support as you wind your way along the journey of life. Following your passions and inner knowing inherently takes you through the crucible of personal growth, and that process is a whole lot easier with a stellar cheer squad around you.

Professional practitioners are an important part of that cheer squad. They bring the benefit of considerable professional training, impartiality, and total dedication to your needs. They’ve got your best interests at heart, and believe in your ability to take care of your own wellbeing, given the right supportive circumstances.

So how to go about finding a good therapist? Beyond the obvious qualifications and location, how to find the practitioners that fit your needs like a glove, and how to drop easily into a productive working relationship with them? Here are 5 key areas to explore.

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Healthy Emotional Boundaries

Building Emotional Boundaries

Building healthy emotional boundaries puts you in such a powerful place in the world – firmly on your own path, with oodles of love and compassion overflowing to share around you. It’s a journey that beckons us all. So how to tackle it?

Why build emotional boundaries?

Knowing exactly who you are rocks. It’s a powerful place to be, knowing your self-chosen place in the world, knowing what’s important to you, knowing how you want to live your life, and knowing that the only person whose judgement matters is you.

Claiming that power means you’re completely in charge of your own life. Nobody else can tell you what to do; they can’t make your decisions for you; and they certainly can’t pressure you, guilt you, manipulate you or coerce you into anything at all. Any of those little tricks will simply hit a brick wall, because not only can you sense and deflect those patterns a mile off, but you’ll also be sending out energetic signals to those who operate that way to stay away – you’ve got higher standards.

That beautiful brick wall blocking all that rubbish is one of your cherished and carefully developed emotional boundaries.

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What Are Chakras - The Soul Space Bulimba Energetic Healing Chakra Energy Centres along spine Chakras - Barbara Ann Brennan diagram

What Are Chakras?

Chakras are referenced more and more in health and wellbeing these days, from yoga to meditation to direct energy work. So what exactly are they, and why are they relevant to health and life fulfillment?

What are the chakras?

Chakras are energy centres located up and down the front and back of the torso and head, that connect in to the spine. Each location in the spine has a front and a rear energy centre, which together act as a pair.

Chakras - Barbara Ann Brennan diagramThere are seven major chakras linking in to the spine, illustrated in the diagram:

  1. Base chakra: at the perineum, at the base of the spine, pointing downwards
  2. Sacral chakra: just below the navel, front and back
  3. Solar plexus chakra: in the upper abdomen, front and back
  4. Heart chakra: at the heart, front and back
  5. Throat chakra: at the throat, front and back
  6. Brow chakra: at the centre of the brow, front and back
  7. Crown chakra: at the crown of the head, pointing upwards

What do the chakras do?

The chakras have two main functions:

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Mastering Emotional Awareness - The Soul Space

Mastering Emotional Awareness

Emotional awareness can be a tricky one. Getting all the richness and beauty that comes from a full vibrant emotional life, and staying on a calm even keel so life unfolds smoothly? It’s a life journey of mastery, for sure. And one that reaps so many rewards, I can’t emphasise enough how beautiful it is to have strong, balanced emotions running deeply through life.

Here are the two stages in mastering emotional awareness in your life, and how to approach each.

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Holistic Counselling

8 Principles for Radical Life Change

Learning to walk your authentic path can be tough. Learning to hear and trust your inner voice takes practice. When you first start waking up, it’s uncomfortable. Your soul path is tapping you on the shoulder, and all of a sudden life starts to hurt – nothing satisfies anymore, and the world around you looks bleak, frustrating and out of alignment.

It doesn’t feel like it at the time, but this is an exciting & beautiful stage – you’re getting an unmistakeable call to change. And it’s not change just for change’s sake – it’s big, epic, soul change. Radical life change that will pull you through huge transformation and flip your life around, and that will leave you with a stunningly aligned, satisfying, rewarding new life on the other side. I guarantee it’s worth it.

And it’s not easy. It’s a rite of passage, it’s meant to be challenging. You’re reclaiming your power back, you’re re-taking your life. The gifts in that are enormous, they’re worth the challenge.

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The Soul Space - Anger for Self Expression

Anger for Self-Expression

It’s so rare in our culture to have a healthy relationship with anger. It could well be the most repressed emotion in our society. Yet it can be so healthy, so juicily healthy in all its firey righteousness. Particularly when navigating a new path of unique expression and authenticity – often we’re redefining relationships in which considerable pressure exists to conform to a status quo, which becomes impossible if we’re to move into new internal territory of authenticity and personal growth.

What’s that anger doing?

As we come closer into ourselves and see our inner guidance more strongly, we naturally become less ruled by the expectations we feel around us. And as this process takes place,we do also need some added power, some oomph to bust out of the old rules around us. Anger can be a big rocket-fueled push to keep us going & unfazed by contrary opinions and opposition. It can be the oomph that drives. Anger can either be overt, with conscious awareness of a fight against something, or it can be well-integrated and deep, so familiar and expressible that the tangible output of it is a solid firey determination to follow an inner-directed course, totally disregarding any opposition.

How to use that anger!

This is strong learning curve for many of us – the establishing of a healthy relationship with anger. There are two stages of growth to move through:

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