Energetic Healing Professional Supervision

Energetic Healing Professional Supervision

Professional supervision for energy therapists, to foster strong professional development as a holistic practitioner, and effective working relationships with other therapists in the health and wellbeing community.

What is professional supervision?

Professional or clinical supervision is a discipline most strongly developed in the counselling, psychotherapy and psychology fields. It involves seeing an experienced and trained senior practitioner on a regular basis, with the goal of continually growing and developing as a professional practitioner.

Supervision sessions involve discussing challenging client work (anonymised so clients can’t be identified), with the aims of:

  • deepening the practitioner’s understanding of their professional field,
  • developing their effectiveness as a therapist,
  • maturing their ability to hold the working relationship with a client, and much more.

Read more about supervision from the Australian Clinical Supervision Association.

What is professional supervision for energy therapists?

The goal of supervision is the same – to continue to mature and develop as a professional practitioner.

Many of the focus areas in traditional therapy supervision are also relevant for energy therapists:

  • Review and deepen into your chosen scope of practice and particular theoretical orientation,
  • Discuss your chosen treatment approaches to particular scenarios clients bring,
  • Deepen into ability to professionally discuss your work, receive appropriate feedback, and grow professionally as a result,
  • Monitor the personal impacts of conducting therapy work, supporting self-care and guarding against burn-out and compassion fatigue.

The energy therapy supervision process extends and deepens, to incorporate techniques and approaches used in energy work:

  • Review of energy techniques and approaches used,
  • Integrating effective intuitive practice into best industry practice for energy therapy,
  • Integrating energetic and spiritual principles into practical and accessible support for clients,
  • Deepen into nuanced client holding and relationship, with appreciation for instances of transference and projection,
  • Consideration of appropriate referral to other practitioners, including GPs, mental health professionals and other modalities,
  • Develop comfort recognising the edges of your scope of practice,
  • Practical aspects of building your professional practice,
  • Working within practical frameworks of professional membership, insurance and professional codes of ethics/practice.

Supervision approach

Therapist Elle Reynolds brings an encouraging, stimulating approach to professional supervision. Her aim is to support the development of professional, competent, sophisticated energy therapists, in a way which benefits clients, practitioners, the energy therapy profession and the health and wellbeing industry as a whole.

Elle aims to support the intricate professional process required to integrate intuitive and spiritual work with the practical considerations of the health industry. She has undergone her own professional supervision process during her years of practice as a therapist, and has undertaken training in supervision.

Supervision sessions are typically conducted regularly, often on a monthly basis, depending on the intensity and nature of a practitioner’s work with clients.

Supervision sessions are available face-to-face or over Skype/phone.

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