Feel your physicality

November 19, 2017 0 Comments

Pause for a second and check in…

How do you feel?

Yes how do you feel emotionally, AND how is your body in this moment?How do you feel physically?

Let go of the mind for a moment and be with all the myriad of physical sensations your divine body is receiving and processing right now.

They’re mostly so subconscious they’re automatic, but pausing with them mindfully gets you back in touch consciously with your physical being.

This is healthy functioning of your base chakra, your body intelligence in this physical world.

AND when you do this – instant meditation, instant calm, instant presence.

Honour that beautiful vessel of your body!

About Elle Reynolds

Elle Reynolds is an Energy Therapist, Transpersonal Life Coach and Holistic Counsellor, specialising in life change and the deeper embodied experience of our energy systems. Her work merges cognitive learning and awareness with the felt sense of embodied inner knowing.

Elle works in private practice with personal appointments and workshops to support others in this journey. She lives in Brisbane, practicing in Bulimba and with phone-based appointments around Australia.

Contact Elle – she loves to connect.

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