Spiritual Development

Practical spiritual development at The Soul SpaceBe guided through one of the Soul Space’s Spiritual Development Programs, to access your soul’s wisdom in everyday life and take practical steps to expand your energetic awareness.

Therapist Elle Reynolds guides you through a progressive journey in weekly or fortnightly sessions, deepening your awareness and experience at each stage of the program, with practical focus in between sessions to ground and integrate your new learning into your daily life. Programs include sessions of Energetic Healing, Transpersonal Life Coaching, Holistic Counselling and Meditation, plus other therapies as suggested to guide you in your unique development.

The Soul Space’s Spiritual Development Programs offer guidance through some of the most common journeys of bringing our spirituality and soul life into daily life.

Journey Through the Chakras: Energetic Development Program

Each session, deepen your experience of one of the primary energies that guide our lives and development, as you explore further in each of the seven core chakra energies. Energy healing, guided visualisation, counselling and coaching support to explore the life experiences psychologically governed by each energy vibration, and healing for any challenges you have in each area. Expand your awareness and daily experience of each of your chakra energies, unfolding a richer, more authentic and more joyful life.

Reconnecting with the Sacred

Bring the sacred and divine into your life. Each session, explore ways to deepen your practice and connection with sacred space, in each of the spheres of your life – the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Clear blockages and invite in a stronger daily experience of the sacred, with energy healing, practical exploration exercises, and deep soul enquiry to uncover how you can uniquely be most nourished and rejuvenated by creating your own sacred space across all spheres of your life.

Personalised and targeted

The programs are personalised in consultation with you, to closely fit your unique experience within the scope of the program. Support covers precisely what you need, with nothing superfluous.

Supportive & nurturing approach

Holistic therapist Elle Reynolds brings a supportive, flexible and nurturing approach to the programs. Elle’s responsive and intuitive manner guides your process, supporting you to your strongest unfolding in practical spirituality, in The Soul Space’s beautiful Bulimba healing space.

Free initial consultation

Book your free 15-minute initial consultation, to discuss your needs and the best approach to meeting them. Initial consultations can be done in person in Bulimba, or over the phone.

The initial consultation gives you dedicated time to:

  • Discuss your current stage of life and spiritual development needs;
  • Clarify what you’re seeking from a spiritual development program at this point;
  • Discuss any questions or concerns you have;
  • Plan the best approach to supporting your unfolding spirituality;
  • Understand what to expect from the program.


Book your Initial Consultation on 0402 904 011