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8 Principles for Radical Life Change

April 10, 2014 0 Comments

Learning to walk your authentic path can be tough. Learning to hear and trust your inner voice takes practice. When you first start waking up, it’s uncomfortable. Your soul path is tapping you on the shoulder, and all of a sudden life starts to hurt – nothing satisfies anymore, and the world around you looks bleak, frustrating and out of alignment.

It doesn’t feel like it at the time, but this is an exciting & beautiful stage – you’re getting an unmistakeable call to change. And it’s not change just for change’s sake – it’s big, epic, soul change. Radical life change that will pull you through huge transformation and flip your life around, and that will leave you with a stunningly aligned, satisfying, rewarding new life on the other side. I guarantee it’s worth it.

And it’s not easy. It’s a rite of passage, it’s meant to be challenging. You’re reclaiming your power back, you’re re-taking your life. The gifts in that are enormous, they’re worth the challenge.

My 8 principles for radical life change

I want to share 8 principles of radical life change. I wish I’d known these inside & out when I rewrote my life! If you’re on the brink of your own radical life change, or in the midst of it, reaffirm these often! They’ll help enormously.

1. Question society’s conditioning & how you’re “expected” to behave.

Our dear society is unhealthy in many ways. It’s no-one’s “fault”, we’ve all just been doing what we’ve been taught by those who’ve done it before us. But if you don’t change it and choose something else for yourself (and those who come after you), it’ll always stay the same. You’re bringing your life into alignment with your soul, which demands new, healthy ways of living. Unplugging from the status quo & choosing something different is essential. Accept that this will make you “different” and that some people won’t like that you’re doing it.

2. Ask for support. A lot.

Ask for some love, a real hug, an energetic hug, a willing ear, just for someone to tell you you’re doing great – ask for whatever you feel you need to keep going. Seek support for what you’re doing, get affirmed in it. Seek it from the people you know will give it, sniff out the lovers and the affirmers. This is not the time to battle on alone or convert the doubters, you’ve got enough on your plate that you and only you can do.

3. Be prepared for anything to change. No limits.

Anything in your life might need to shift and fall away. Job, relationships, home, you name it. It might not, but if you put up a protective wall of fear around things, it will hamper your growth and intuition. Ask for support in doing this. Remember that more fulfilling and personally-aligned things are waiting to replace anything that falls away.

4. Accept that your choices might make you alone.

They won’t ultimately, because your new soul tribe will come along with deeply rich & fulfilling relationships, but it’s easier to just bust out the fear of being alone up-front, it saves you from compromising yourself just to keep people around (it’s a bit insulting to others to do this too – “I’d rather be with you than alone”? No thanks!).

5. Develop your intuition, and act on it.

What feels good is right for you. Practice being guided by this. Practice learning the difference between cheap feel-good and real, soul feel-good. You’ll make mistakes and be a bull in a china shop for a while. This is OK. Ask for support and affirmation for what you’re doing.

6. Be prepared to be ugly & messy & chaotic.

This is a brave new world you’re creating. You’re learning to walk again. You’re going to fall over and stagger and look uncoordinated. You’re actually kicking ass and being incredibly brave. Tell supportive people and ask for love and affirmation.

7. Accept that you’re stepping into the unknown.

You don’t know what will happen. Remember that you believe in a universe of love and support and co-creation. If you don’t believe this yet then you’re in for a treat, because such is the way of it. The fears that you have go against this belief, so they must be wrong. There’s only one way to prove that they’re wrong – step off the cliff. You’re learning how to fly, agile and in the moment and with complete trust in yourself and your world. This takes practice. Ask for support and affirmation of what you’re doing.

8. Remember you’re not the only one doing this!

There are many others doing their version of this journey. You’re the only one who can do yours, and you’re the only one who can find your way through it, but you have many kindred souls out there. We all feel the solitude of it from time to time. Seek others out. Again, ask for support!

Blessings for your brave soul journey, and your radical life change!

Have you worked your way through any this? Share your experience – it’ll help others!


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