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Calm your emotional states with Bach Flower Remedies.

What are Bach Flower Remedies?

Bach Flower Remedies are a gentle energy medicine based on the healing properties of European flowers. They’re taken as drops in water or directly under the tongue. Dispensed in a potent dropper bottle, they can be easily carried around and used at work, home or on the go.

How do Bach Flower Remedies work?

Bach Remedies deliver a precise and powerful energy message to your system, helping to bring strong emotional states into balance. Each flower or plant carries a specific energetic vibration, which translates to a particular emotional state or mindset/attitude. When taken in to our energy system, this helps us to readjust our system to integrate that state. We energetically learn how to think and act in a different way, with the support of the Bach Remedy. Our system adjusts to this new way of being over time, to the point where it becomes our natural state, and we no longer need the support of the Remedy’s energetic reminder.

It’s the same as if you were to spend all your time with intensely loving, supporting, encouraging people and environments – pretty soon you’ll adjust to being continually immersed in that energy. That will become your norm – being criticised, judged or disrespected will become foreign to you. You’ll subsequently opt out of those experiences pretty quickly if you encounter them, because you can now feel how much they drain your energy and harm you.

How do Bach Remedies work with other therapies?

Therapist Elle Reynolds draws on the power of Bach Flower Remedies to support your healing sessions. They are a subtle and flexible energy medicine, and will work in harmony with your healing process. They will deepen your experience in an Energy Healing session; they will support the personal shifts that come through a program of Life Coaching or Counselling; and they will help you integrate the growth that is triggered in a session as you return to your daily routine in between sessions.

Healing sessions using Bach Flower Remedies are available in The Soul Space’s beautiful Bulimba healing centre in Brisbane, Australia.


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