Energetic Healing

Energy Healing

Mind-body health and balance with Energetic Healing, supporting a deep inner connection to the body and holistic health across the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual spheres of life.

Energetic Healing: powerful yet gentle

Energetic Healing is a powerful yet gentle therapy in which the body’s energy systems are assessed and repaired. Disease and ill health is stored in the energy systems of the body, so correcting them clears illness holistically, across all levels of our being, down to the root cause.

Emotional & belief patterns are also stored in the body’s energy systems, and Energetic Healing works directly on emotional and mental blocks and habits that are generating challenges in life circumstances.

This emergent field of treatment has its roots in the same traditions as yoga and meditation, and its principles are being increasingly verified by greater bodies of research and scientific studies.

Supportive & comprehensive treatments

An Energetic Healing treatment involves light hands-on pressure to the body and its energy systems. An assessment of the energy systems is done through personal consultation and light hands-on contact, and an energetic correction treatment is performed. Misalignments and distortions in the energy systems are treated to restore the free flow of energy through the system, and a personal consultation is done to support integration of the treatment back into life routines.

Since we started energetic healing sessions, my body feels alive and vibrant, my mind is steadier & I’m relaxed and happy – MR

Practical & simple

Energetic Healing treatments are strongly responsive to your needs, and give you a deep insight into your mind-body health in a practical, simple and easy-to-understand way.

Treatments are comfortable, secure, and guided by your choice & preferences in all ways.

How can Energetic Healing help?

Energetic Healing works to correct the energetic damage underlying many conditions, physical, mental and emotional. It promotes the effective treatment and healing of:

  • Fatigue and exhaustion
  • Stress
  • Low vitality
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Emotional disorders
  • Tension and stiffness
  • Muscle and joint injury
  • And many other conditions

Supporting psychological development

The energy systems of the body provide a natural developmental framework to guide each person’s journey of maturation and psychological growth. Energetic Healing works with this system to support and encourage healthier and more functional ways of approaching life. Read more about the energy systems’ developmental guidance.

Building wellbeing and personal awareness

Having your energy systems healthy and clear is a strong support for general wellbeing in life, and to strengthen personal awareness. It creates a stronger sense of clarity and vitality, with greater sensitivity and awareness of the influences and challenges in one’s personal world, and stronger connection to inner resources that support effectively moving through challenges.

Right away, I started feeling more open in my body… I feel like something clicked, and it’s stayed that way! – Bec

Free initial consultation

Book your free 15-minute initial consultation, to gain a clear picture of how Energetic Healing and Mind-Body health will support your needs. Initial consultations can be done in person in Bulimba, or over the phone.

The initial consultation gives you dedicated time to:

  • Discuss your individual situation and needs;
  • Clarify what you’re seeking from Energetic Healing and a mind-body healing approach;
  • Discuss any questions or concerns you have;
  • Plan the best approach to addressing your needs and goals;
  • Understand what to expect from the course of treatment.


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Control of your own health

Energetic Healing provides a deep understanding of your mind-body health, and guides you to a strong knowing of your own body’s state, and its ever-changing needs for higher levels of health and wellbeing.

Understand your body’s messages to you, which are continually directing you towards health and emotional wellbeing. Disease and ill-health arise when the body’s messages towards health can’t be heard. A strong personal connection with the body and its energy systems allows you to maintain higher levels of health, and be in control of your body and holistic wellbeing.

Integrative with other therapies

Energetic Healing works with the deep underlying imbalances at the heart of many conditions. The body’s energy systems extend across all aspects of our being, and Energetic Healing works flexibly and naturally with many other treatment approaches.

The emotional and cognitive shifts brought about by Energetic Healing integrate naturally with the healing processes generated by other therapies, both medical and complementary. The deeper connection with your body’s state that you attain through Energetic Healing also supports the healing process you undergo with other therapies. Liaison with other practitioners in your support network is welcome to support your holistic healing process.

Qualified & experienced

The Soul Space’s Energetic Healing practitioners bring a wealth of experience and training in the fields of Energy Medicine and Mind-Body Health. Learn more about energy therapist and founder of The Soul Space Elle Reynolds, combining a range of experience and training in energetic, vibrational and spiritual healing approaches.

The Soul Space’s Energetic therapists bring a strong, practical & integrative approach to Energetic Healing. We foster a supportive and intuitive manner that provides a foundation for strong personal growth and significant leaps in healing and personal consciousness. Clients report profound and powerful life shifts as a result of this work.

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