Transpersonal Life Coaching

Transpersonal Life Coaching

Be heard and partnered in your life, at the deepest level, as you get clear on what you’d truly love to have in your life, and be nourished and enlivened getting there. Be welcomed into a space where abundant compassion, interest and focus is intently centred around you. Rest in the knowing that this space is available to you when you need it, to pour out your soul, your full experience, to find perspective in it all, and to find your next steps with renewed clarity and power.

What is Transpersonal Life Coaching?

Transpersonal Coaching is a powerful dialogue-based therapy to elicit self-direction & innate strength. It backs this process with strong, practical support to enact concrete change, in full respect of your ability to guide your own life.

Transpersonal Coaching provides practical strategies to achieve goals in health, holistic wellbeing and life change. It guides and supports through the pursuit of life passions & personal calling.

I genuinely believe that the hour I spend with you at the end of each week has had a profound impact on my life. – Louisa

What is the Transpersonal approach to Life Coaching?

Traditional Life Coaching was born of the desire to be empowered, to actively take control of life and shape it according to one’s choosing. Transpersonal therapy extends this discipline, beyond acting from the ego and persona, to maintain connection with inner knowing and pursue one’s life calling, in full acknowledgement of the ongoing personal and higher development this entails.

Transpersonal therapy asks deeper questions – What does my higher self truly want? What will make me truly happy in this life? Enrich me? Fulfill me? And what is my own unique path to creating this?

Transpersonal Coaching spans the breadth from the upper reaches of the higher self’s guidance, down to the concrete world of everyday life. It supports a powerful learning & growth experience at all levels across this breadth, with compassion, patience & enjoyment.

I have extended what I thought I could do since the beginning of our coaching sessions. – Amber

What does Transpersonal Coaching support you to achieve?

Transpersonal Coaching provides support, guidance and strategies for many life challenges:

  • Make life changes to regain health;
  • Support you to adopt new routines;
  • Change habits which may be ingrained and harmful;
  • Attain new levels of health & performance;
  • Find fulfillment in work & career;
  • Build healthier relationships;
  • Increase motivation, drive and & fulfillment;
  • Take stock of life and identify areas of change;
  • Find solutions to life challenges;
  • Build a calmer, more relaxed & nourishing life;
  • Create strong support for life demands.

Transpersonal Coaching provides a means to access empowerment and inspiration, when you:

  • Want a support network that believes unquestioningly in your ability and dreams;
  • Want to find the pursuit that makes your heart sing;
  • Aren’t clear exactly how to go about pursuing your goals;
  • Want to find your perfect unique way of realising your dreams, not follow the conventional path or be told what to do;
  • Want guidance to fully integrate the spiritual development you undergo pursuing your soul path;
  • Know deep inside you can achieve your dreams, but haven’t yet developed the resources to do it;
  • Know you have big things to achieve, but aren’t yet clear what shape they will take.

I appreciate the non-judgemental, supportive environment you create in our coaching sessions. – Louisa

Free initial consultation

Book your free 15-minute initial consultation, to gain a clear picture of how Transpersonal Life Coaching will strengthen your life direction and support your authentic success. Initial consultations can be done in person in Bulimba, or over the phone.

The initial consultation gives you dedicated time to:

  • Discuss your individual situation and needs;
  • Clarify what you’re seeking from Life Coaching;
  • Discuss any questions or concerns you have;
  • Plan the best approach to addressing your needs and goals;
  • Understand what to expect from the coaching process.


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What to expect in Transpersonal Coaching?

Transpersonal Coaching involves highly focussed, intensive sessions that provide a spacious one-on-one environment to:

  • Understand your deepest priorities & needs at this time of your life,
  • Decide on the strongest and most affirming ways for you to practically bring them to life.

A number of powerful exploratory exercises are part of a coaching session, in addition to techniques to access & integrate your deeper knowing into everyday life, making the life changes you’re seeking to create easier and smoother to realise.

As the weeks have gone by I have come to realise how integral my sessions with you are to my growth and to my peace of mind and sanity!!


Therapist Elle Reynolds trained in Transpersonal Coaching with Donna Rain Czupryna, Coach, Psychologist and Director of SoulScapes Foundation in Byron Bay, co-founder of the Institute of Transpersonal Coaching, and co-founder of Nature Care College’s Diploma of Transpersonal Coaching in Sydney.

Elle draws on Transpersonal Coaching regularly, to help her align with her soul purpose in this life, to powerfully shift her life towards her goals, and to fully take in the rich and abundant journey offered by life. She guides clients through coaching to seek out their passion, where their heart sings, and to step out to bring it to life. She is deeply inspired by the changes possible through this powerful new therapy.

Elle’s coaching sessions were spacious and allowed ideas to come forward in their own time. She is highly supportive with regular feedback, without judgment on content. – Amber

Session options

Transpersonal Coaching is available in 2 options:

  1. Single sessions – you book a session when you need it
  2. Session Package – a series of 4 sessions, allowing continuity and momentum to build

Sessions are available in The Soul Space’s beautiful Bulimba healing centre, or via phone or Skype sessions.

Related therapies

Your coaching process may benefit from the support of other therapies, any of which are optionally available to you:

  • Counselling: to address any deeper underlying issues that may rise to the surface during your coaching process;
  • Energetic Healing: to gain a deep mind-body connection to bring your body and emotions in line with your goals;
  • Meditation: to focus and relax the mind, supporting the smooth and easeful attainment of your coaching goals;
  • Bach Flower Remedies: gentle emotional support to usher in the new states of being you’re working towards.


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