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Stress Management and Relaxation

July 10, 2014 0 Comments

Stress is a very real and challenging aspect of contemporary life, and can arise through work, relationships, home environment, family and many other areas of life. So how to manage stress as it surfaces, to build resilience, calm and an enjoyable daily routine again?

Practical approaches

A practical approach to managing stress needs to factor in your individual needs and personality, and incorporate a realistic balance of these factors:

  • Building resilience to deal more easily with current stresses;
  • Identifying areas of stress that can be avoided or mitigated;
  • Building ability to take control of stressful environments and influence them positively to reduce their stress impact.

Identifying the most effective approach using these factors for your individual needs is important, as is creating a supportive, empowering path to learning how to personally take charge of your environment.

Stress management goals

Learning to effectively manage stress in your life and promote your personal relaxation allows you to:

  • Calm the nervous system
  • Ease tension, worry & anxiety
  • Build personal empowerment and confidence to respond to stressful influences
  • Find personal strategies to sleep better, and be more restful while moving about your day

Supportive therapies

A combination of approaches produces the strongest benefits for your inner state, plus your capacity to manage your external environment:

  • Life Coaching supports you to identify personal stress reduction and relaxation goals, and build practical supportive strategies to attain them.
  • Mind-Body Health identifies the inner challenges your stressful environments present, and guides you through the personal learning and development journey as you gain control of your environment. Gain full awareness of the personal strength and wisdom you build by moving through the challenges stress presents.
  • Counselling supports your inner needs and explores the deeper impacts stress is having on your life, providing you with the inner awareness to be able to shift your personal state and respond to your life circumstances in a healthy way.
  • Mindfulness and meditative practices allow you to build inner resources, resilience and awareness. A strong inner awareness of the impacts and responses to stress allows you to choose more consciously how to respond, and gives you a strong foundation to develop strategies to take charge of stressors.

Warm, personal & supportive approach

Approaching this journey with warmth and acknowledgement of the need for personal support is an important aspect to finding lasting solutions. Dealing with the stressful environment is taxing and demanding enough, it’s crucial to find a path through it with personal connection, acknowledgement of the inner strain that stress causes, and warm confidence in your ability to create a new way to respond.

Holistic therapist Elle Povey works sensitively with your individual needs as you build your personal capacity to manage the stresses in your life. A little more on how Elle builds this support relationship.

Free initial consultation

Want to explore further how to manage the stress in your life? Book your 15-minute initial consultation, either face-to-face or over the phone, for a supportive space to:

  • Discuss your individual needs & situation
  • Identify the best personal approach for you in your present life circumstances
  • Clarify what to expect as you gain skill in managing your life stressors and creating stronger coping strategies

Book now – call or text Elle on 0402 904 011

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About Elle Reynolds

Elle Reynolds is an Energy Therapist, Transpersonal Life Coach and Holistic Counsellor, specialising in life change and the deeper embodied experience of our energy systems. Her work merges cognitive learning and awareness with the felt sense of embodied inner knowing.

Elle works in private practice with personal appointments and workshops to support others in this journey. She lives in Brisbane, practicing in Bulimba and with phone-based appointments around Australia.

Contact Elle – she loves to connect.

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