Your place in groups: a vibrant base chakra

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The base chakra holds some of our oldest & most primal energy, & it doesn’t get more primal than tribe, which is another way of looking at family.

Tribal energy

Our tribal energy is that which grounds us into our species, humanity, and all other groups – our first tribe, family, our community, our nation, our sporting team, our friendship groups, you name it.

It’s the first energy that is activated and explored after we’re born – a baby spends her first months learning how to process energy through this centre and exploring the physical world, within the security of her family tribe.It’s in these super early days that the foundation is laid for our relationship to groups & the concept of tribe. How we experience our family directly influences our base chakra functioning and our self-perceived role in groups.

Who you are in groups

If your early days in your family were secure, loving, stable & reassuring, then your earliest foundation in groups will be solid. You’ll likely have a healthy, adaptable relationship to your various tribes.

We tend to take on different roles in different groups depending on their composition and our own personality traits, though there are usually some familiar roles that develop over time.

Generally though, if your foundations were solid you’re more likely to feel at ease, fluid and comfortable being yourself in groups.

If there was disruption, a lack of perceived safety or dysfunctional patterns in your early family experience, it’s more likely there are some distortions in your base chakra energy flow. Your relationship to your groups could have unhealthy patterns too.

This could look like…

  • always trying to get control of the group,
  • slavishly following the group to get approval,
  • putting too much energy into trying to fit in, or
  • being undermining or bitchy to others in the group.

A healthy place in groups

To really feel happy & healthy socially, we want a good strong relationship to our groups:

  • to join & leave them smoothly,
  • to play a positive & valuable role in them,
  • to feel comfortable & confident being ourselves, and
  • to feel at ease in different group roles depending on the nature of the group.

If this wasn’t your foundation, great… the growth journey to get there is completely doable – energy work, supportive therapy or coaching, or many other supports will help.

And as so often in life, if you need to learn something consciously rather than doing it automatically, you’ll develop such awareness & wisdom in the process, you’ll probably end up helping others later on.

A vibrant base chakra

Ultimately your ability to relate well to your groups creates vibrancy and health in your base chakra.

It’s win-win – you get to have fun & feel great socially, AND get all the health benefits of the base chakra.

The base chakra keeps you:

  • present in the moment,
  • feeling safe & calm,
  • with a healthy body,
  • with a healthy nervous system.

It combats anxiety, addictive behaviour, fatigue & adrenal exhaustion, and a whole host of other conditions. It grounds & earths you, keeping you in healthy relationship to the earth & natural environment.

There’s no downside. Dive in and transform your group experience, get good support and share the journey, then enjoy the results for the rest of your life!

Support, exploration & transformation

Does this resonate for you? Get in touch with Elle – holistic support to explore and transform this area of your life will be gold for you.

Skype and online, or in person in Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast Australia are both powerful options. Read more about Elle’s ethos & holistic approach.

About Elle Reynolds

Elle Reynolds is an Energy Therapist, Transpersonal Life Coach and Holistic Counsellor, specialising in life change and the deeper embodied experience of our energy systems. Her work merges cognitive learning and awareness with the felt sense of embodied inner knowing.

Elle works in private practice with personal appointments and workshops to support others in this journey. She lives in Brisbane, practicing in Bulimba and with phone-based appointments around Australia.

Contact Elle – she loves to connect.

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