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The Soul Space: Bulimba Energy Healing Therapies

guidance for the inner journey: counselling, life coaching, energy healing

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The Soul Space was founded in 2011 by therapist Elle Reynolds, to provide integrated holistic therapies to the community in a way that supports a practical spirituality and deeper meaning in life. Coming from a science- and management-oriented background, Elle aims to integrate the realms of logic and intuition in a way that provides a strong personal foundation for individuals to heal and grow.
Holistic Counselling:
Support for difficult times in life, with a practical, holistic approach. Addressing issues including anxiety, depression, stress, low self worth, relationship difficulties, life transitions, grief and loss, social isolation and much more. Therapist Elle Reynolds holds postgraduate qualifications in Counselling and is an accredited member of Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia.

Energy Therapy:
Powerful yet gentle support to shift deep-seated emotional and cognitive patterns, plus address physical imbalances. Adjusting the body’s energy field to address issues including stress, low vitality, fatigue, anxiety, depression, physical imbalances and much more. Elle holds qualifications in Energetic Healing and Reiki, and is an active member of the International Energetic Healing Association leadership team.

Support to calm and regulate the mind through flexible meditation and mindfulness practice. Meditation helps address issues including anxiety, stress, mood disorders, pain regulation, management of physical ailments, sleep issues, and more. Elle holds a 12-month intensive Meditation Facilitator's Certificate and has drawn much support from personal meditation practice over the years.

Life Coaching:
Activating clarity and practical strategies to move powerfully towards life vision. Growth and forward movement to support life changes, new habits, health goals, career and business, high performance, healthier relationships, life balance and much more. Elle has completed an intensive Transpersonal Coaching personal mentoring programme and integrates a holistic coaching approach to support transformative growth towards life goals.